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Tog-L-Loc® Sheet Metal Joining For use with Series 2000 and Series 3000 Presses 
Tog-L-Loc® (a BTM Corporation® product) is a cold-forming clinch process which uses a 
special punch and die to form a strong interlocking joint within the metals themselves. 
The result of the process is a round, button shaped extrusion on the die side of the 
assembly, and a small cylindrical cavity on the punch side. The joint is comprised 
wholly of the sheet metals that were joined. No adhesives, external fasteners, or 
welding is utilised in the process. 
Joins plain, coated & dissimilar metals. 
No rivets, screws, or other fasteners. 
Eliminates spot welding operations. 
Long tool life: 300K joints common. 
Joins in a single press stroke. 
Non-destructive testing w/ simple gage. 
Strong and highly fatigue resistant. 
Leakproof joints. 
No sparks, fumes, or soot. 
A typical Tog-L-Loc® joint is created in under a second and features three basic 
steps as shown in this cross section diagram: 
Step 1 (Clamps): 
Step 2 (Draws): 
Step 3 (Locks): 
A punch side stripper clamps the metals to be joined. 
Once the metals have been clamped by the stripper, a punch draws a section of the metals into a die. 
A Tog-L-Loc® die has moving blades which expand, allowing the metals to flow into a strong interlock. The end result is a vibration resistant, leakproof joint which was created without the use of external fasteners. 
The ISS EasySerter manually operated hand Press provides 30kN (3 Tons) of force & has a 140mm (5.5”) throat depth. It has been designed to install various types of captivated fastenings inc. Self-‐Clinch and Rivet Bushes in sizes from M2 to M6. 
Locking Torque Wrench (ensures the Set-­Up Force is maintained throughout the production run). 
Torque Multiplier (Multiplies the input force by x6 reducing Operator fatigue). 
Standard Pemserter Tooling can be fixed or Adaptors purchased to fit other Tooling (Customers can utilise Fastener installation Tooling from Presses already being used in production). 
Four Station Turret Anvil supplied as standard. 
Installation Forces from 0 to 3 Tons (0 to 27kN) can be applied at any position along the Ram’s Travel (allows easy access to deep Box Section Chassis for internal or external Fastener Installations). 
Heavy Duty Cast Steel Frame. 
Throat Depth is 5” (127mm). 
Square Section Ram (prevents Ram Flex). 
Patent Pending # 1411363.3 - German Utility Model DE202015103362 
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The Pemserter ® Series 4 Press with Automatic Feed, provides 6 tons of force and has a 45.7 cm / 18" throat depth that provides clearance for a variety of chassis configurations. It is designed to install self-clinching nuts, studs, and standoffs in sizes M2.5 to M6. Features and Benefits 
Pneumatic power for speed, consistency, and simple operation. 
Uses the same tooling components as the Series 2000® and Series 3000™ Presses. 
Automatically installs nuts, studs, and standoffs from M2.5 to M6. 
Pneumatic and PLC logic control system. 
Touch-screen for operator friendly operation. 
Vibratory feeder bowl for automatic fastener feeding. 
Integral point-of-operation safety. 
Insertion force adjustable from 1.8 to 53.4 kN / 400 to 12,000 lbs. 
Laser pointer, stroke counter, and lockable cabinet for tool and accessorie storage. 
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Pemserter 2000 Press
Pemserter ® 2000 press has 71.2 kN / 8 tons of force and a 61 cm / 24” throat depth. The high speed hydra-pneumatic actuating system delivers insertion speed that cannot be met by other insertion systems and the optional auto-feed capabilities insure that the fasteners are positioned quickly and accurately. 
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Pemserter Series 4 Press
The Pemserter ® Series 4 press is totally pneumatic providing short cycle time for increased productivity and 53.4 kN / 6 tons of force and a 45.7 cm / 18” throat depth that provides clearance for a variety of chassis configurations. It is designed to install self-clinching fasteners in size M2 thru M10 in steel, and sizes up to M12 in aluminium panels or circuit boards. 
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Easysert Hand Press
The ISS ‘Easysert’ Hand Press is a pneumatic hand tool weighing only 4.6 kg, that develops a squeezing force of 26.7 kN / 6,000 lbs. 
Sufficient force to install both Self-Clinch and Rivet Bush type threaded fasteners from M2 to M5 & Self-Clinch Studs from M2 to M5 up to 12mm in length. 
The ISS ‘Easysert’ Hand Press is ideal for those hard to reach applications, especially when inserting Threaded Nuts/ Bushes into the reverse flange of box type chassis, or when close to the edge of return where standard Presses can’t reach. 
Custom ‘Close to Edge Tooling’ can be manufactured to suit a range of your fastener types and applications. 
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